April 2021

Bootcamp (joint international cocreation session) for student from The Netherlands and Belgium in Cuenca, ES

Participants of output 2 'Trajectory of workshops and trainings for secondary VET-students' enrolled in the involved school will have the opportunity to follow a one-week Entrepreneurial Bootcamp. This bootcamp will be organised in the Fablab in Spain. Also, students from associate partners in Spain will be involved in this bootcamp.

June 2021

Project meeting in Kortrijk, BE for ProgramLabs coordinators

In this meeting, the secondary schools from Belgium will present how they can integrate the trainings in the curriculum of the VET-students and what actions they have taken. Important note will be the administrative part of this training: 'How will they fund extra costs related to the project?', 'How will they ensure and guarantee they meet the minimum learning standards as defined by the government?'. VIVES will also present how they engage students to work with the target group and how students can get credits for this.

November 2021

Project meeting in Vilnius, LT for ProgramLabs coordinators

Midterm evaluation of how the courses are embedded in the curricula for secondary and tertiary schools and how this collaboration works. In this meeting the organisation of the Regional ProgramLabs events will take place.

February 2022

Regional ProgramLabs events in Leeuwarden (NL), Kortrijk (BE), Cuenca (ES) and Vilnius (LT)

The national conferences will be organized to spread the results achieved and to share experiences from all the partners involved. The goal of these events is inspire other MakerSpaces, involved ngos, secondary schools Vocational and Higher Education institutions in organising similar trajectories.

July 2022

Project meeting in Leeuwarden, NL for project coordinator

Evaluation of the project, ideas for a follow up project.